The Best Weekend in Sports

I’m sitting here, on a Friday night in college, watching a 58-year old man playing basketball on my TV.

That man, for reference, is Mark Cuban and he’s playing in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.

It’s quite possibly the worst basketball I’ve ever seen on TV, but it’s intoxicating. I can’t take my eyes off of it. It’s pure entertainment.

2017 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

That’s why I love All-Star Weekend; it’s the most entertaining weekend in sports.

I don’t mean from a competitive level, but rather from just a “fun factor” aspect. It’s silly, it’s casual, and it’s a joy to watch. Most of all, it’s a celebration of the sport.

Tonight we had the Celebrity Game and the Rising Starts game, only to be followed tomorrow by the All-Star Saturday Night festivities, and finally the actual All-Star Game on Sunday night. It’s the perfect weekend to plop on the couch, sit back and enjoy the grandeur of it all.

Dating back decades, the All-Star Weekend has provided memorable moment after memorable moment, especially when it comes to the dunk contest.

Some people like to complain that the dunk contest isn’t what it used to be, however I heartily disagree. I will never forget last year when I witnessed the greatest dunk I’ve ever seen. I felt like I had seen a man truly defy gravity.

Ladies and gentleman, the Aaron Gordon dunk:

If that dunk doesn’t sell you on the entertainment aspect of this weekend, then I don’t know what will.

And then there is the actual All-Star Game, which is heavily criticized for not being competitive, but in reality should be appreciated for the spectacle that it is. At no other time in basketball, maybe outside of the Olympics, will you see that much talent on the same court.

This year’s game also comes with a cherry on top – Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant being forced to play on the same team. While I don’t believe there will be the fireworks that all the media is predicting, you better believe that I will be glued to my TV for every single on of their reactions.

Sports are so competitive that as a fan, it gets extremely exhausting and daunting at times. There’s the heartbreak of lose and the excruciating agony of a close game coming down to the wire. That’s why I love All-Star Weekend so much. There’s no stakes, no real drama, it’s just a good time.

It’s the equivalent of a parade for the sport. The intention is not pure competition, but to make sure that everyone involved is able to have a good time.

Call me crazy, but to me, it’s the best weekend in sports.


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