The Trade Deadline Disappoints (Mostly)

Another year has come and gone, and once again we all got our hopes up over the NBA Trade deadline. Media and fans alike spent weeks discussing potential moves and deals that may take place, weighing player salaries and roster fits.

Heck, the only thing my brother and I have discussed in the past 72 hours are the potential moves that the Celtics could make at the deadline. Would they pick up Paul George, Jimmy Butler, or even Carmelo Anthony? The options and proposed trades seemed endless.

I sat in class today with my fingers unable to come to a complete stop. The deadline would hit at 3 p.m. and I was in class until 3:15. I hectically checked my phone every five minutes for any update. None. Not even just about the Celtics. No significant deals were taking place at all.

Then 3 o’clock finally hit. Nothing.

Sure, there were some deals with some high profile names switching towns. Doug McDermott, one of my favorite college players EVER, moved to OKC (one of my favorite teams to watch).

But as far as high-profile moves, we didn’t see them today. The best we got was the Demarcus Cousins trade on Sunday, which was like getting an appetizer but the restaurant closing before your main course comes.

The point is: the trade deadline often disappoints. Sure we get deals like the Isaiah Thomas one back in 2015, but even then we didn’t know how big of a deal that was. Fans get their hopes up and are often let down.

To be fair, though, most of the rumors we hear are the product of the fans and media, not the teams themselves. So I have a hard time being too disappointed with a GM who refuses to be coerced by outside forces to make a deal.

I guess it’s a lesson to temper expectations. To not get your hopes up until a dream materializes itself. But for those upset with moves that weren’t made, still find joy in the fact that we have half a season of basketball left to savor. I know that helps me get over the disappointment.


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