My Number One Fan Rule

After what seemed like 20 straight hours of watching the broadcast of the Oscars on Sunday, I was ready to call it a night. I watched as La La Land was announced for Best Picture, but decided to pick myself up off the couch and turn off the T.V. before the acceptance speech was made.

I was tired and had heard the same acceptance speech about 1,000 times over the years.

As I got to my bedroom, my phone started frantically buzzing.

Several texts from friends summed up as “WHAT IS HAPPENING, OMG.”

I ran downstairs and turned on the T.V. only to see the mistake that everyone has been talking about for the past 48 hours: the wrong name was called, and Moonlight had won Best Picture.

Award shows and sports have several parallels, but I thought this whole debacle exposed a fad in sports that I am very strict about, but failed to apply to the Oscars.

Don’t leave early, ever.

This can also be translated as: Don’t stop watching until the game is over.

Silly me turning off the Oscars after the last award was announced, thinking that it would be the end of the night. Because of that, I missed one of the most memorable television moments of the decade.

In sports, same thing. Fans are NOTORIOUS for leaving sporting events early when their teams are losing, and while 99 percent of the time it is justified by an eventual loss, that one percent chance of a comeback makes it worth sticking it out.

Case in point: This year’s Super Bowl. The Patriots were down 28-3, and no team had ever come back from a deficit worse than 10 points in the past 50 Super Bowls. The game was over. Even I had accepted defeat and lost any glimmer of hope. I can only imagine how many fans at home turned the game off, or even worse, left the game like Boston megafan Mark Wahlberg. But then the impossible happened. The greatest comeback of all time took place and those fans that stuck it out saw their reward.

While comebacks to that extent are rare, it highlights my point: don’t leave the game. Don’t stop watching. If you do, you may miss the greatest comeback of all time, or heck, you may miss the best award show debacle ever. As painful as it is, stick it out. If the players on the field have to, a fan should as well.





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