The Best Shot of March

All week on UNC’s campus, one man has had the spotlight. With one shot, Luke Maye etched his way into North Carolina history as he sunk UNC’s game winner against Kentucky in the Elite Eight with 0.3 seconds left on the clock.

He was applauded by his team, his school, and national media as a whole.

But his shot wasn’t the best of March.

The best shot of the month took place in its waining hours, and it ended the longest winning streak in college basketball history.

On Wednesday, in the final hour of March, Morgan Williams hit the best shot of the month, and likely the entire year.

Her last second heave sent her Mississippi State Bulldogs into the National Championship game, and gave them one of the biggest upsets in tournament history.

The smallest player on the court (5-foot-5), making the biggest shot of the year. UCONN’s 111 game winning streak, suddenly gone.

While the Bulldogs ended up falling to South Carolina in the National Championship game, this play will likely never be forgotten.

It will go along with all the other highlights of clutch shots hit over the years, but this one will always be special. This single flick of the wrist ended an almost 3-year long winning streak.

It was the perfect shot for the perfect occasion. It is March Madness personified.



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