The Unbreakable Record

Last night Russell Westbrook completed his season long mission that was originally thought impossible – the Thunder guarded achieved his goal of averaging a triple-double for the season. He also is one game away from having the record for the most triple doubles in an NBA season.

Lets take a moment…. In 2017 we are talking about a point guard who has done this. A feat so immaculate that we as a society just presumed Oscar Robertson would be the only one ever to do it. Well, now we have to rewrite the record books to include the eccentric point guard.


A year ago, NBA fans would discuss Robertson’s record as untouchable, and they should have been right. But the perfect circumstances for Westbrook came along to put this type of season together.

But I don’t really want to talk about triple-doubles. Westbrook going bananas this season on the stat sheet got me thinking: is there any NBA record that is still unbreakable?

And no, I’m not going to talk about Wilt’s 100-points in a game record. I think somebody can break that record. Yep. You read that right. Somebody CAN break it. If Kobe Bryant can score 81 points in a game, and Devin Booker can drop 70 last month, then I can’t say that I believe Wilt’s 100 points is untouchable. Now, this doesn’t mean I guarantee it will be broken, I just think the door is wide open.


Speaking of Wilt, he also has the record of 72 percent field goal average throughout a season, and averages 50.4 points per game one season. Nope… that’s still not the record I’m talking about about.

Drumroll please.

The unbreakable record is…. Wilt’s average of 48.5 minutes per game throughout a season. This record is not only unfathomable, but unattainable in the modern NBA. First off, the game is only 48 minutes now, but even if the record was just 48, no player could even scratch the surface of this record. A player would have to play every single minute of any game they are involved in for the entire season. Not only would this physically destroy with the current NBA schedule, it’s a record that is undesirable. Points are sexy, and even playing a lot of minutes is sexy, but playing all the minutes is gag worthy.


The league has completely moved away from the possibility of this record even being broken. So it will stay. No player will average 48 minutes per game in an entire season. I can firmly say that. The other Wilt records? Astronomically high, but not untouchable.

So while Russell puts his names among the all-time greats this season, always remember that there is one accolade even more impressive than what he has accomplished.


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