Punches, kicks, and joysticks: The world of MMA enters the Twitch-verse

MMA is a brutal sport with some insane consequences. One slight, wrong movement could result in you being knocked out or having the air choked out of your lungs. Oh yeah, or your arm getting broken.

Example: MMA: UFC 205-Weidman vs Romero

So if you’re a fighter, you probably are on edge for a good portion of the day, whether you’re in training camp for a fight or just going through your daily gym seshes. So what do you do to kick back and relax during your free time?

You stream video games.

Yep, it’s officially my new favorite oddity in the sports world. MMA and video game streaming were first linked when current-flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson’s Twitch channel started to gain traction. More and more people started to watch him play games, and now his Twitch channel has gained him almost as much popularity as his fighting career has. It’s at the point where Johnson has stated publicly that he’d like to become a full-time streamer once his fighting career ends.


Here’s a quick bit of Mighty Mouse’s channel:

Rage of a Champion

While Twitch doesn’t release subscriber numbers officially, Johnson still is close to amassing 100,000 followers… which is a lot, and a substantial amount for someone who just does this thing part-time.

But Johnson isn’t the only one who spends his time on the popular gaming website. Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, as well as Max Holloway, Rampage Jackson and Dennis Bermudez all have their own twitch channels, listed below:

Rampage Jackson’s channel

Chris Weidman’s channel

Max Holloway’s channel

Dennis Bermudez’s channel


Is there an actual reason given for so many high-profile fighters entering the Twitch world? I don’t know, but also I really don’t care. From my personal experience, it allows fighter’s personalities to shine a little more than they would normally and it provides a wonderful platform for them to connect with their fans.

So as far as this anomoly goes, it seems like it’s a win-win situation for every MMA fighter who decides to dive deep into Twitch.


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